Monday, September 14, 2009

Toy Closet Re-do, Check this out!

Four months ago I declared that my children's toy closet was a diseaster. It was so un-organized when I first posted the picture back in April that I had physical reaction to the mess. It got worse, if you can imagine such a thing. It was so bad, that we couldn't close the door anymore and when the kids went in there to get something, I stopped what I was doing to listen for the crash and the dreaded "MOM!" To avoid further injury, I decided to clean that death-trap of a closet out.


When completed, we had 2 tall kitchen bags of garbage and 4 boxes of toys that we are going to put in a garage sale this weekend. Because garage sales occur so flippin' early, I am not a fan of getting up early on the weekends I don't "do" garage sales, I "do" Craig's List instead or make donations! I am curious to see what kind of turn out we have because I promised the kids NEW toys with some of the money we make. Bribery does work when organizing a toy closet with your kids. Once they knew they could buy MORE toys, they allowed me to put a lot more stuff aside for the garage sale! Of course with visions of new Transformers and American Girl Doll clothes dancing around in their heads!


Let me know of your organizing celebrations or obstacles. I have heard from many of you on how much you like this blog, so I thank all for reading!

Let me know which posts have inspired you to organize a space, I love to hear your stories! email me now

Tip of the Week:

Remember that organizing doesn't have to be painful or expensive, you may even make a few bucks on the deal if you decide to have a garage sale after you declutter!

.... Life is Simply Amazing with a little Organizing!

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