Monday, March 30, 2009

Paper Managment

A few years back I purchased a label machine. It was by far the best purchase I made under $30 that year! I think my initial intent was to label my pantry but ended up using the label maker for all of my files for the speaker management business I run.

My files not only look great, but I can not recall losing anything in years, not that I owe that to my label maker, but you get the idea.

Are you guilty of losing bills, important documents (hmm, I wonder where my social security card is?) or are constantly digging through piles of paper to find your child's field trip permission slip that was due yesterday? If you are, call me today and I will do a complimentary 30 minute personal household paper managment session over the phone with you.

By the way, I just labeled my pantry a week ago, and it looks fabulous!

1 comment:

  1. I love, love, love labels!! I recently labeled all of my storage/seasonal bins that are housed in the basement. It makes putting all the halloween/xmas decor away so much easier. We have a desk in our kitchen and everyone has their own, labeled, file folder. Everything that comes home goes in the folder and I try to clean them out after each quarter.