Monday, March 23, 2009

Residential Large Walk-In Closet

This was a 2-organizer job that took us approximately 3 1/2 hours to complete--this was just the shoe wall. Let me just begin by telling you that this homeowner has the cleanest house in every other room except for her closet! This closet is literally the size of a small child's bedroom and is used for the family storage such as Christmas decorations, camping gear, laundry collection central for the household and much, much more! (oh, yah, and her SHOES!)

Here's what this amazing client had to say about our work: (she wants to remain anonymous!)

"I absolutely LOVE what Simply Amazing did for our closet! Once upon a time (before kids) I had an organized closet, but it had gotten totally out of control and I felt too overwhelmed to do it myself. They came in and took care of everything - they even convinced my husband to de-junk his tie collection! Now I can actually find the clothes I'm looking for and it makes getting ready so much easier. I was worried about maintaining the closet, but it has been 'simply amazing'. My husband and I joke that it actually made our marriage better - seriously! :-) I cannot say enough great things about my organizers!" - Former Closet Clutter Queen (not her
real name!)

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  1. Can I tell you again how much I love my new closet? You guys did such a good job. Thanks again!