Monday, April 13, 2009

Tips to Organize your Home Office

Get Your Home Based Business Organized

There are many perks to running a home based business. One of the biggest perks is the flexibility in your schedule. Next, deciding which projects and or clients you will take on is freedom like no other! Like most people, being organized isn’t always a priority--but it should be--especially when you are wearing all the hats needed to run a successful business!

Here are some tips that will help you organize your time, work load and tasks.

Create an inviting work space
Create a place that is solely dedicated to your business. Paint, decorate, hang photos, do what you have to so you like to “go to work.” You will be motivated to get started and get through your to-do list if you like the space you are working in.

Invest in technology
Buy a new computer or upgrade your current system. You will be amazed how much time can be wasted waiting for web pages to load, restarting and starting your computer because you need more memory! This is a no-brainer to some, but to non-techies, it takes us a little longer to figure out. When you have a fully functional system, you will be able to zip through things you need to focus on.

Know when to outsource tasks
My rule of thumb is this: If doing a certain task causes stress and it takes you away from your main focus, outsource it. My stressor is day to day accounting. Although most of the accounting software is user friendly, I just don’t do the necessary accounting on my own. I have monthly folders where I place receipts, bank statements, invoices, deposit slips and any money-related information in and hand over to my accountant.
Whatever the task is, you can find a sub-contractor who can relieve that task from your day. Not only does this save you time, but it saves your piece of mind and your focus remains on your business!

Manage Your Time
Let’s pretend you are a business coach who bills clients per each hour long session. It is important to stay on task with each client. You should have a client folder with a checklist of items for discussion. Next, literally set a timer when you begin the conversation so you don’t go over the time limit. Additionally, don’t book yourself so full that you can’t take a quick break to regroup between sessions.

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